Founded in 1995, the company Futurocol, Industry and Trade of Orthopedic Products, Ltd, is immediately recognized for its innovative profile in the field of industry beddings. Futurocol started business in bedding systems in modest facilities. In this start-up phase, it began to sell its products in the Centre and South of the country. Its development process was marked by creativity and technological innovation. The relentless pursuit to improve the quality of its products, directed Futurocol to expand its business by manufacturing them.


In 2002, always looking to expand its business, the company acquired new facilities in the north of the country. A large complex where it was possible to accomodate all the manufacturing process. Futurocol aims to obtain like this its autonomy by fostering the activity and creating partnerships. For a decade the company has conquered in a balanced way a significant market share in the domestic market. The internationalization has become the next step. Exports now represent 30% of production, emphasizing that even with this degree of flow the overseas market is still underexplored foreseeing great potential for expansion.

2004 - 2010

The market in which it operates Futurocol is characterized by strong competition being pivotal a never ending quest for the creation of innovative and appealing products . Appealing to its strategic vision Futurocol invented in 2004 the only fully adjustable mattress that came stimulate the company`s business allowing it to strenghten its markets presence. To protect us from our strong competition we patented our invention at the national and international level (PT 103128, US 7,690,060 B2, PCT/IB 2004/003191). Our invention consists in a adjustable mattress which does not require any specific bed frame to provide a perfect articulation. Our adjustable mattress may be provided with a device for massage and is intended for the general market, having particular application in health and prevention inserting in the group of products that provide comfort and well-being.